Your Morning Coffee May Present a Cancer Risk, Experts Warn

Coffee has long been known to be a healthy boost to our sluggish mornings. Full of beneficial antioxidants, this beverage helps us keep oxidative stress and inflammation at bay with moderate consumption. But how you drink your daily dose plays a significant role in how healthy this habit actually is.

A 2019 study confirmed that the temperature at which we consume our hot drinks can put our health at serious risk. Gulping down a cup of freshly poured, steaming coffee may give you that pick-me-up at the moment, but it’s bad news for your esophagus in the long term. According to the study, which examined more than 50,000 tea-drinkers over 10 years, participants who preferred their beverage “very hot” had an increased risk of developing esophagus cancer. The statistics aren’t negligible: those consuming at least 700 milliliters of piping hot tea daily were at a 90% higher risk.

Going to the other extreme may not be a much better idea, either. Sugary iced coffees sold by major chains might contain as much as a quarter of your daily recommended calorie intake. These beverages make your chances of becoming overweight skyrocket, which brings about its own set of health risks, including but not limited to cancer.

So, how should you drink your coffee in a safe and healthy way? Simply wait until it cools below 140 F or add a splash of milk to instantly decrease its temperature. Skip the sugar, and you’ll have a healthy, energizing drink without the potential drawbacks.

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