Worst Alcohols for Weight Gain

Drinking alcohol in moderation won’t inherently make you gain weight, but some beverages are more likely to increase your waistline than others.

If you want to know what alcohol to avoid, keep reading.


One of the most obvious drinks to appear on this list are cocktails. From strawberry daiquiris to pina coladas, most cocktails are made up mainly of sugar syrups to enhance the texture and taste.

In addition, a lot of the mixtures used in cocktails contain a large amount of added sugar. For instance, a pina colada contains up to a whopping 68 grams of sugar per serving.


Beer has a lot of carbs and empty calories. Drinks like Guinness can feel heavy on your stomach. Consuming many pints of beer consistently over a long period contributes to abdominal weight gain, leading to what is known as a “beer belly.”

Creamy Liqueurs

Liqueurs like Baileys are delicious but full of calories. Just like beer, these are empty calories and contain next to no nutritional value other than to help pack on the pounds.

There are few alternatives to liqueurs, so the best advice is to minimize your intake if you’re watching your weight or to cut it out of your diet completely.

Alcohol and Metabolism

Drinking too much alcohol too often can slow down your body’s metabolic rate and make it harder to burn calories efficiently. Drink these beverages moderately and responsibly if you want to avoid weight gain or try alternatives if you can’t avoid having a refreshing drink at the end of the week.

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