Why You Shouldn’t Drink Too Much White Wine

When taken in moderation, white wine is healthy. It contains some beneficial minerals and vitamins and some antioxidants that are good for your heart and lungs. However, you shouldn’t drink more than one glass of white wine per day.

If you exceed this limit, these are some of the things that might happen to you.

You Might Gain Weight

Many people who drink white wine forget that it contains a high number of calories, which might lead to weight gain. Not only that, but these are so-called “empty calories,” which don’t have any nutritional value. Another reason why drinking white wine can lead to weight gain is because it releases a hormone that makes your body think that it needs to store fat.

It Reduces the Quality of Your Sleep

While it’s true that wine makes us sleepy, white wine can actually reduce the quality of our sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you are more likely to feel tired and sluggish than you did the night before. This doesn’t only apply to white wine, as most types of alcohol can ruin your sleep cycles.

HeartBurn Is Likely

White wine triggers acid reflux, which causes heartburn. However, this depends on the type of white wine you drink. Some white wines are more acidic than others.

Increased Risk of Skin Cancer

One of the biggest risks of drinking too much white wine is an increased risk of skin cancer. Red wine and beer can also cause skin cancer, but they’re much less likely to do so.

Stick to One Glass per Day

White wine is many people’s favorite drink, especially when paired with a tasty meal. While it comes with some health benefits, it can also cause many issues. That’s why you should only drink one glass of white wine a day.

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