Why Dry Scooping Is Dangerous for Your Health

Dry scooping is the latest pre-workout TikTok trend. It involves swallowing a scoop of dry pre-workout powder and chasing it down with liquid. While many dry scoopers claim this helped them gain more energy before their workout, experts say this trend is risky and can jeopardize our health.

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Why Are People Dry Scooping?

Before we get to the risks, let’s clarify why people are dry scooping in the first place. Many people do it solely for the likes and popularity. Like most trends, dry scooping became popular because of social media. Many folks have tried out this trend because they saw it on TikTok, not because of its “benefits.”

Another reason many people give in to this trend is that they believe dry scooping gives an instant energy boost and helps prepare them for exercise.

Finally, some dry scoopers claim that consuming pre-workout powder in this way is more convenient than mixing it with liquid.

The Risks of Dry Scooping

Dry scooping may be popular, but it’s certainly not good for your health. Although rare, caffeine overdose is one of the potential risks of dry scooping. Caffeine is one of the most common pre-workout ingredients, and consuming too much of it too fast could strain your heart.

Moreover, inhaling pre-workout powder could cause aspiration pneumonia and lead to chronic lung disease. The pre-workout powder can “take the wrong turn” and end up in your lungs, along with germs that cause infections.

Inhaling the powder could also result in choking.

Take Your Pre-Workout Safely

Most pre-workout powders should be taken with water. Usually, you should mix one scoop of powder with eight ounces of water, drink the mix, and wait 20-30 minutes before starting your workout. Of course, you should always double-check the product’s label and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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