Why a Healthy Diet Is Great for Your Blood Vessels

A new study has just demonstrated the positive impact of a healthy diet on blood vessels. The research, published in Nature Metabolism, focused on how obesity affects the endothelial cells (ECs) lining the inside of blood vessels.

The Study

By comparing the effects in mice of a relatively unhealthy Western diet to healthier eating, scientists discovered that eating nutritious meals can improve molecular health.

The research team compared the effects of a healthy diet to a relatively unhealthy Western diet and found evidence that healthier eating habits can improve the molecular health of some blood vessels. Specifically, they noted an increase in microRNAs and proteins associated with a healthier vascular phenotype when mice followed a healthy dietary regimen.

A Few Unknowns…

While these results are promising, it’s important to note that further research will be needed before definitive conclusions can be drawn about how exactly diet affects blood vessel health. “The answer is a complex one,” says Blanca Garcia, a food and nutrition specialist at HealthCanal.

She adds that while there is a clear link between dietary choices and health outcomes, there is still much to be learned about specific nutrients and how they interact with each other and influence one’s overall health.

In addition to understanding which foods should be part of our daily diets for optimal cardiovascular health benefits, researchers also need to consider how lifestyle factors like exercise and stress management contribute to overall well-being. Furthermore, many commonly consumed processed foods contain additives or preservatives that may have an impact on ECs independent of nutrient intake.

Overall, it’s clear that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical for protecting your heart and blood vessels from disease. Eating nutritious food is an essential component of this equation: from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins to limiting added sugars as much as possible.

All of this contributes toward improving our cardiovascular health over time.

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