What Your Physician Wants You to Know

Doctors take care of our bodies and minds, but they can only do so if they cooperate with their patients effectively. To make the most of their treatments, patients need to know their rights. When they’re more involved in their exams, they assume control over their health and ensure their bodies remain happy and healthy.

Fortunately, there are two things your physician wants you to know to make each visit more comfortable and productive. Read on to learn more.

Stay Dressed Until It’s Time for an Exam

Communicating your thoughts and feeling to your healthcare provider ensures that all issues you’re experiencing are addressed properly.

However, most people assume they should get undressed immediately when they go in for a physical exam. But doctors want you to feel comfortable so that you can explain how your health has been affected in more detail. Taking off your clothes too early will make you feel cold, but you might also clam up because you feel embarrassed.

Stay dressed until the physician announces it’s time for the exam. That way, you’ll be at ease and tell your physician everything they need to know about the general state of your health.

Ask More Questions

Doctors are guided by scientific research when making patient recommendations. Other times, when there’s not enough data available, they rely on the experiences of their colleagues. But sometimes, doctors recommend treatment plans based on other patients they’ve treated with symptoms similar to yours. Usually, the plans effectively alleviate your issues, but you should always ask your physician what influenced them to make their recommendation. No two patients are the same, so asking the doctor for an explanation will make him look at your circumstances more carefully.

Take On an Active Role in Your Healthcare

Doctors do invaluable work, but the best results are achieved when you are interested in maintaining and improving your health. Being comfortable and unafraid to ask questions will prevent future issues.

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