Tweak Your Hair Care Routine to Prevent Dry Eyes

Eye issues usually disappear after a few days. But when they persist, the discomfort may indicate a more severe health problem. Many people ignore eye dryness. However, when unaddressed, it can lead to long-term complications. Fortunately, modifying your hair care routine can help you prevent eye dryness and maintain optimal eye health.

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The Link Between Dry Eyes and Ocular Health

Tears are one of the most important elements that keep your eyes clean and healthy. They nourish, protect, and lubricate the eye’s cornea, which acts as a window that shields the eye structures. Additionally, tears are a barrier that stops pollutants and debris from irritating the eyes. Basal tears are produced in the tear ducts and boast anti-bacterial properties that prevent dryness and infections.

Therefore, prolonged periods of dryness are potentially dangerous and may result in corneal damage, eye infections, and vision loss.

Dry Eyes: The Most Common Symptoms

Dry eyes are usually associated with discomfort, but the condition has multiple different symptoms, including light sensitivity, redness, and a burning sensation in the eyes. Also, those who wear contact lenses may struggle to put the contacts in because of the pain. We often rub our eyes to alleviate the symptoms, but this only provides temporary relief. Frequent rubbing may even exacerbate the condition.

Airdry Your Hair for Improved Vision

You might be surprised to learn that using a heat drier could lead to vision problems. The hot air blows into the tear ducts, preventing them from moisturizing the eyes. To keep the eyes in good condition, make sure that the air coming from ACs and blow driers never blows directly into your face.

Protect Your Eyes and Prevent Dryness

In addition to tweaking your hair care routine, schedule an annual checkup with an ophthalmologist to protect the health of your eyes.

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