This One Ingredient Can Naturally Brighten Your Teeth

This One Ingredient Can Naturally Brighten Your Teeth

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee each day. Many are concerned with how regular coffee drinking discolors their teeth and opt for some form of teeth whitener. However, many commercial teeth whiteners include ingredients that negatively affect our teeth and gums. Luckily, a study was conducted to find a natural teeth whitening solution.

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The Study

Peer-reviewed Dental Research Journal recently published an interesting study. The scientists soaked 30 teeth in a 98.6-degree coffee solution for five days. They measured the surface of the teeth and used an electronic wavelength device to analyze the color.

Teeth Cleaning

The teeth were split into three groups of 10.

One set of teeth was cleaned with an Iranian brand of charcoal-based toothpaste, another with a charcoal-based Irish brand, and the third with a Colgate whitening formula.

Charcoal’s abrasive nature helps to fend unknown material away from surfaces. Its chemical structure attaches to absorb toxins away from the source, like coffee stains from healthy teeth.

Teeth Brushing Machine

To mimic teeth brushing three times a day for six weeks, the scientists used 20 grams of toothpaste with two tablespoons of water. Next, they used a “brushing machine” to clean the teeth at 100 motions per minute for 2,000 strokes.

Study Conclusion

After a month and a half, the scientists re-measured the color of the teeth and the surface profile. They found an insignificant difference between the toothpaste, and all three kinds of toothpaste had a significant abrasive and whitening effect on the samples.

Charcoal-Based Products for Whiter Teeth

Based on the results of this study, if you’re a coffee drinker considering teeth whitening toothpaste, a charcoal-based product might be worth a try. However, the abrasiveness aspect is still there, so you could add it to a non-abrasive type to help protect your enamel.

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