This Mild Eye Symptom Is a Major Medical Emergency

Most people won’t think twice about going straight to the hospital when they get an eye injury. Very few are willing to risk their vision by waiting it out at home. However, some eye conditions often go ignored even though they are medical emergencies. People may not realize that delaying medical attention could result in quick and lasting damage. Here’s what you need to know about these dangerous eye conditions.

Acute Glaucoma

Glaucoma is when the iris bulges out due to pressure in the eye. Proper circulation and drainage of the eye fluid are blocked, causing pressure build-up.

While some people can develop glaucoma over a long period, the acute version of this condition is a major concern. This type of glaucoma can quickly lead to permanent vision loss. You will know if you have acute glaucoma because it’s usually accompanied by sharp eye pain, nausea, vomiting, and a splitting headache. There will also be blurred vision and rainbow-like halos around bright lights.

Increased Risk

Although anyone can get acute glaucoma, those most at risk are women over 60. Older individuals are more likely to suffer from the condition because the lens gets larger with age. Doctors have also discovered that women are four times more likely to get glaucoma than men.

Race has also been found to be a factor in developing the eye condition. It’s most common in Chinese, Southeast Asians, and those of Eskimo descent. It’s least likely to affect black people.

If you experience eye pain, it’s vital that you make your way to the emergency room immediately. Doing so could save your vision.

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