This Is Why You Should Reconsider Taking Medicine Before a Flight

With time differences to consider and irregular sleeping patterns, taking medication on the go can be challenging. To further complicate matters, experts say you shouldn’t take pills on a flight before carrying out this crucial step.

What You Should Avoid Doing

Whatever the reason for taking medication, doctors say that you should never take medicine for the first time aboard a plane.

There are several reasons why you may need some pharmaceutical assistance when you travel. It could be that you are on prescription meds, or you may need something to knock you out during a long flight. However, before taking any medication on a flight, you need to ensure that it’s safe for you, no matter how harmless it may seem.

Adverse Reactions

Drugs can cause adverse reactions that you don’t want to experience when you are 30,000 feet above the ground. Sleeping pills could be stronger than you expected, causing you to sleepwalk up and down the aisles, which you’d probably rather avoid doing. On the other hand, vitamins can cause allergic reactions that you might not have anticipated.

Therefore, you must abstain from taking untested medication while on a plane. If you want something to help with your anxiety, try your pills beforehand to ensure that they won’t cause a bad reaction.

Increased Potency

The University of Cincinnati reported that the potency of certain medications could be affected in-flight. Changes in blood cells and plasma proteins can alter the effects of drugs, much in the same way that they do alcohol. So, it’s essential to speak to your doctor about your prescriptions before boarding a flight.

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