This Is What People Would Like to Change About Their Partner’s Appearance

Everyone has a pet peeve regarding their partner’s appearance. One study investigated what people would like to change about their partner’s looks, and two things stand out.

Read on to learn more.

The Study

A study published in Advanced Dermatology investigated whether the pandemic has made us less attractive. The study involved 1,463 Americans in at least one-year relationships. All participants had the same questions focusing on changes in their partner’s appearance.

The Results

The study shows that 89% of participants agree their partner’s appearance has changed during the pandemic, and 63% claim they look worse now. These two things stood out as the most common things participants would change about their partners:


It’s no surprise many people gained a few pounds during the pandemic. After all, there wasn’t much to do except eat and hang around the house. Although we may not see the extra pounds, our partners sure do. The study shows that 57% of participants noticed their partner gained weight during the pandemic.


Not many people are born with straight, white teeth. According to the study, 10% of participants wished their partner had nicer teeth.

Communication Is Key

The basis of every quality relationship is clear and honest communication. According to the study, most participants have talked to their partners about their changed appearance. Some addressed the issue directly, while others kept making subtle comments. Either way, it’s essential not to forget to be sensitive and constructive and not put too much pressure on your partner.

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