This is The Main Cause Of Diabetes

Diabetes’ Main Cause

Diabetes is a chronic disease that tends to arise when a person consumes too much sugar in their diet. It will affect how the body converts food into energy, and millions of Americans are affected, young and old. Even though diabetes doesn’t have a complete cure, there are ways to manage it.

Scientists have discovered the leading cause of people developing diabetes. Read on for the details.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin allows the body to absorb any glucose into the bloodstream, where it enters the body’s cells to be burned as energy. A healthy person’s cells are sensitive to insulin, resulting in a normal blood sugar level.

However, type 2 diabetes patients are different, as their cells aren’t sensitive to the pancreas’s insulin. Thus, their cells won’t absorb as much glucose, and their pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to overcome this resistance.

High BMI

People with higher BMI values also have a greater risk of developing diabetes. Fatty tissue can increase cell resistance to insulin, and a higher BMI also makes exercise more challenging. Staying inactive makes muscle cells less receptive to insulin, creating a harmful cycle that can only be broken by exercise and proper eating.

Diabetes Treatment

A complete lifestyle change is the only way to stop diabetes from progressing. It involves eating more fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich foods. At the same time, it’s recommended to eliminate most refined carbohydrates and processed meats, replacing them with whole grains and healthy fats.

Cutting down meal portions can also reduce blood sugar level spikes.

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