This Food Can Speed Up Hair Loss

This Food Can Worsen Hair Loss

Hair loss increases as we age. It’s often caused by factors we can’t change, such as genetics, medications, or stress. But, many people don’t know that hair loss can be controlled to a certain degree. We can slow down this process and even make our hair stronger and thicker by eating certain foods.

Likewise, some foods should be avoided to prevent hair loss. Read on to learn what those foods are.

Certain Types of Fish

Fish is packed with vitamins that benefit our overall health. Fatty fish such as salmon and trout lower the risk of heart disease, improve our cognitive function, and prevent symptoms of depression and anxiety.

While fish is undoubtedly beneficial, certain types can worsen hair loss. This is because fish like swordfish, tuna, king mackerel, and sharks often contain high levels of mercury which accelerates hair loss.

This heavy metal can build up in your body and become toxic. Besides affecting our hair, high amounts of mercury can cause headaches, motor dysfunction, memory loss, and tremors.

Mercury can’t be removed during cooking or frying because it’s bound to the meat. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat fish at all. Instead, pay attention to the amount you consume. Plus, focus on the FDA recommendations regarding the best fish choices.

Make Hair Loss a Thing of the Past

If you want strong and thick hair, focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in protein. Moreover, try implementing supplements into your daily routine. Multivitamins and vitamin D can help you slow down or prevent losing hair.

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