This Dental Condition Could Be a Sign of Heart Disease

In the U.S., heart disease is the primary cause of death for both men and women. Although genetics and age are important factors, lifestyle choices also play a role, including smoking, lack of physical activity, and gum disease. One study indicates that those with periodontitis are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Keep reading to learn more about the link between heart disease and this dental condition.

The Importance of Oral Health

The state of your teeth and mouth affects overall health.

Poor oral health typically results in gum disease, which causes teeth loss.

Additionally, gum disease can cause other health complications, including diabetes, arterial narrowing, and stroke.

Severe periodontitis degrades the soft tissue and bone which support the teeth. Periodontitis usually results from poor oral hygiene, but other risk factors may predispose patients to the condition. For example, those with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing periodontitis.

The Link Between Heart Health and Gum Disease

Although experts have long suspected severe periodontitis is connected to several other conditions, a recent study has linked it to respiratory disease, diabetes, and heart disease. Professionals believe bacteria from the infected gums enter the bloodstream, suggesting that periodontitis treatment could delay or prevent the development of these diseases.

Gum Disease Is Preventable

The study highlights the finding that those with gum disease are at a significantly greater risk of developing heart disease than those with good oral health.

These findings imply that oral hygiene can prevent dental conditions that trigger chronic diseases.

Schedule Regular Checkups

As a rule of thumb, you should see your dentist every six months. If you’re susceptible to dental issues, you should schedule checkups every three to four months. Even if you don’t feel any pain, the dentist can assess the state of your teeth and gums and nip severe issues in the bud.

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