This Change in Your Diet Could Lengthen Your Life

This Change in Your Diet Could Lengthen Your Life

A plant-based diet comes with lots of benefits. There’s the increased energy levels, glowing skin, and even protection for your brain. Substituting your animal-based protein for protein obtained from plant sources can lower your risk of heart disease. It can help you live longer.

A research team investigated the eating habits of 1.5 million people. It was found that those who traded in animal protein for plant protein were less likely to die from heart disease. Plant-based diets also have the added advantage of reducing the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes. Additionally, they have been seen to reverse the progression of serious conditions like advanced heart disease.

Making the Change

Throwing out all your steak and stocking up on whole-grain cereal can be a hard shift to make. You would be better off starting with small changes and progressively cutting animal protein out of your diet. You could begin with a 50-50 swap. Replace half the animal protein in your meal with a plant-based alternative. Legume-based pasta and seeds high in protein would also be good additions to your menu.

A meal plan filled with refined grains might not be good for your health either. It’s essential to ensure that you are swapping out meat for healthier alternatives. Often, bread and cereal contain refined grains and are to be avoided. It would be best if you instead incorporated whole grains into your diet. These include products like oatmeal and buckwheat.

A plant-based diet has many health benefits. By taking those baby steps, you can make this positive change in your life.

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