These Yoga Moves Will Alleviate Your Neck Pain

Most people suffer from temporary neck pain at some point in their lives, and it’s typically triggered by sleeping or sitting in an uncomfortable position. The discomfort disappears quickly and doesn’t disrupt your daily activities. However, persistent neck issues can negatively impact your quality of life, and you might feel like there’s no relief. Fortunately, several yoga moves will take the pressure off your neck and eliminate the pain.

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The Warrior Two Pose

This beginner-friendly move opens up the chest, allowing the shoulders to offer more support to the neck.

Bring your right foot forward and extend the arms so that they’re parallel with the ground, your palms facing downwards. Bend the right knee and stretch your arms. Make sure the movement is slow and controlled to align the neck and spine perfectly. After 30 seconds, repeat the pose with your left foot.

The Extended Puppy Pose

Stretching releases built-up tension and eliminates stubborn pain. This move is an excellent option for stretching the back and ensuring there’s no excess stress on the neck.

Whip out an exercise mat and get on all fours, with the wrists below the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips. Slowly move your lower body towards the heels, and don’t let your elbows touch the ground. Stop moving when your hips start to dip downwards. Place your head on the mat to allow the neck to relax. Stay in the extended puppy position for approximately one minute.

The Child’s Pose

Although the child’s pose is a great way to minimize neck pain, it’s also effective in managing headaches.

Assume a kneeling position and pull your hips back until they touch your heels. Extend the arms forward, lengthening the spine and releasing tightness. Stay in the position until the tension disappears. It is usually best to switch poses after a few minutes.

Yoga for Pain Relief

Yoga is a low-impact practice, meaning that it can help with pain management for people of all fitness levels. Before starting a yoga program, consult your medical provider.

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