These Signs May Indicate Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is one of the most common cancers in the country, affecting both men and women. An uncontrolled growth of cells in the renal tissue is the primary cause of it. This cancer is often overlooked since it doesn’t usually develop symptoms in its early stages. However, there are warning signs. Continue reading to find out more.

Blood in Urine

Blood in your urine, also known as hematuria, is one of the common signs that may indicate kidney cancer, although it usually occurs when it is already progressing. A doctor may perform further tests to accurately determine whether bloody urine is from cancer or other factors, such as urinary tract infections or kidney stones.


Cancer fatigue is not ordinary tiredness and can get worse over time. It may be caused by the changes in metabolism that drain the patient’s energy level. Consuming energy drinks or resolving to get more rest can’t fix this kind of fatigue. The signs of cancer fatigue may include a feeling of heaviness, weak focus, memory problems, and sleeping issues.

Unintentional Weight Loss

This weight loss is usually characterized by a 5% or more drop in body weight over six to 12 months. It suddenly happens without any exercise or particular diet involved. Cancer cells require more energy than healthy ones, causing your body to burn more calories even when resting.


In the case of kidney cancer, the fever can persist or occur intermittently without any noticeable infection. It’s advisable to see your doctor if you have a fever without any identifiable causes.

Early Detection for Better Outcomes

The best way to fight kidney cancer is to detect it as early as possible. When cancer is caught early, it’s often less invasive and hasn’t spread to other parts of the body. Consequently, treatments become more effective and have fewer side effects. Immediately see a doctor if you notice signs to get an accurate diagnosis.

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