These Eating Habits Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease takes the lives of nearly 660,000 Americans each year. Although we try to implement positive habits that encourage cardiovascular health, our eating habits may be weakening our hearts, increasing the risk of heart disease.

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Don’t Skip Breakfast

People who frequently skip breakfast are more likely to develop severe heart issues. When combined with risk factors like lack of exercise and smoking, skipping breakfast weakens the heart, making it susceptible to long-term damage.

Grabbing a bite first thing in the morning not only bolsters cardiovascular health but also balances our calorie intake and improves the nutritional value of our diets.

Even if you’re not hungry when you wake up, try to eat a slice or two of avocado toast or whip up a delicious vegetable omelet. It will put you in a good mood and energize you to tackle the day’s challenges.

Less Refined Carbs

A diet packed with refined carbohydrates degrades overall health, and it’s particularly detrimental to cardiovascular functions. Carb-rich foods like pasta, snacks, pastries, and white bread are delicious but have a low nutritional value and contain mainly processed grains. They often promote overeating, leading to obesity, elevated triglyceride levels, and insulin resistance.

Avoid Processed Meat

Eating five ounces of processed meat a week may cause cardiovascular issues. If you enjoy beef or pork, consider switching to a healthier alternative. Lean meat like chicken contains less sodium and saturated fats than red meat and won’t compromise your heart’s health.

Tweak Your Diet for a Strong Heart

A healthy diet doesn’t mean giving up tasty food. Experiment with different recipes and nutritious ingredients like fruits and veggies to improve your health and prevent cardiovascular complications. Remember to always eat your breakfast and cut down on processed meat.

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