The Top 4 Signs of Dementia

Diagnosing dementia is extremely challenging for doctors because the symptoms are subtle and vary in intensity. Sometimes people fail to recognize they are suffering until the condition develops into full-blown Alzheimer’s disease, impairing their ability to live fulfilling lives. Luckily, experts offer treatment programs that manage the condition and slow its progress. However, identifying the warning signs is vital in preventing long-term struggles.

Keep reading to learn about the most common symptoms of dementia.

Cognitive Difficulties

Old age weakens our memory, but people with dementia struggle with keeping track of recent events. When going for a walk, they may forget where they’re headed. Also, daily tasks may become too demanding, and they’ll forget how to prepare a simple meal. These moments are interrupted with periods of awareness when people feel embarrassed for needing assistance.

Feeling Unhappy

Dementia takes a toll on a person’s outlook on life. Coping with dementia requires a lot of support as people find it difficult to come to terms with their diagnosis. It’s common to find depression in people with dementia, and intensive treatment is needed to protect their mental health.

Trouble Walking

Early dementia affects the way you walk. Instead of long, confident steps, the movements are more tentative and asymmetrical. You’ll also take more frequent breaks.

Inability to Handle Finances

People with dementia often fail to keep up with their finances. Unpaid bills start piling up, and notices remain unopened for weeks at a time. Those suffering from dementia can become more trusting and vulnerable and fall victim to scammers who want to drain their bank accounts.

Managing the Symptoms Prevents Dementia From Controlling Your Life

Untreated dementia makes people feel like they have no power over their lives. But modern medication and treatment methods have allowed patients to manage their symptoms and alleviate stress. When detected early, dementia doesn’t prevent people from being healthy and happy.

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