The Number One Worst Habit for Your Heart

To maintain heart health, it’s recommended to make healthy choices that support your system every day. The unhealthiest thing you can do for your heart is develop a bad habit that is easily overlooked or excused. Read on to learn what cardiology specialists believe is the number one worst habit for your heart is and what to do about it.

What Is the Number One Unhealthiest Habit for Your Health?

A board of specialists was asked about the number one best thing to do to maintain heart health. A cardiac nurse practitioner advised that activity level was vital. Regular exercise is essential for longevity, heart care, and managing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

This was backed by Dr Pollock, an interventional cardiologist at Mayo Clinic. He says the more active you remain throughout your life, the more you’ll gradually reduce your chances of heart disease.

So, the unhealthiest thing for your heart is a sedentary lifestyle. However, how much activity is enough? Let’s find out.

How Much Exercise Is Sufficient?

The American Heart Association has put together some official suggestions for exercise. Here are some of them:

  • Everyone should do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week.
  • Moderate-intensity activity is any activity that increases your heart rate. E.g. dancing, gardening, or swimming.
  • Include moderate-to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity. E.g. resistance training.
  • Minimize your time spent sitting.
  • The more exercise you do, the better. At least 300 minutes of exercise each week will lead to significant health benefits.

Live Your Healthiest Life

For a lifestyle that supports heart health, do as much exercise as you can weekly and remember to eat right too. Incorporate a healthy balance of quality fats, lean proteins, and foods rich in fiber into your diet.

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