The FDA Warns Against Consuming These Dangerous Fruits

Most fruits and vegetables are considered healthy products to buy at the grocery store. However, some fruit products are being recalled due to possible food safety hazards.

In March, Fruit Fresh Up, Inc., a company based in New York, issued a recall for its vegetable and fruit products. The recall affected various types of ready-to-eat dips, cut-up fruits, as well as other packaged commodities. The company’s recall included items containing over thirty different fruits and vegetables, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables

The company initiated the recall after discovering that the fruits might be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Although Listeria poisoning, or listeriosis, only produces short-term symptoms in healthy adults, it can cause severe illness and even death for children and the elderly. It is especially dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. For pregnant women, it can bring about miscarriages and stillbirths.

A recent outbreak of listeriosis, linked to packaged salad products from the company Dole, resulted in two deaths and affected 17 states. The CDC estimates that about 260 people die yearly due to listeriosis.

There have been no reported illnesses linked to the products recalled by Fruit Fresh Up, but the company still decided to issue the voluntary recall. The affected fresh-cut produce was sold in clear plastic containers with tamper-proof seals and a “best used by” date between March 5th and 23rd, 2022. The ready-to-eat dips have a “best used by” date between March 15th and March 31st. They came from the company’s facility and were distributed in New York and other states.

Check Your Refrigerator

To avoid getting sick, consumers should immediately throw away the recalled products. Fruit Fresh Up is working with officials from the FDA to ensure that the recall is carried out properly. To get in touch with the company, call 716-684-3400 during working hours.

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