The Early Signs of Diabetes

Over 37 million Americans have diabetes, while nearly 100 million people are prediabetic. When unaddressed, type 2 diabetes can lead to severe health complications, including blindness, strokes, and amputations. Identifying the warning signs helps manage the condition and alleviate its symptoms. Let’s look at some of the earliest signs of diabetes.


Doctors believe there’s a strong link between type 2 diabetes and obesity. While not all obese people have type 2 diabetes, most diabetics are obese. This connection is sometimes called “diabesity.” Thus, combating obesity is an effective way to manage diabetes.

Increased Thirst and Hunger

Increased thirst and hunger are also early symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Regardless of how much water you drink, you feel dehydrated.

Diabetes leads to elevated glucose levels, and the body uses fluid from the muscles and other tissues to regulate the high glucose, leaving you thirsty.

Additionally, you may feel hungrier because of insulin resistance. It prevents glucose from reaching the muscles and provides the tissue with energy.

Increased Urination

Increased urination is another symptom of diabetes. As the kidneys filter the blood, the body doesn’t reabsorb some of the excess sugar. The sugar molecules enter the urine and increase the number of water molecules. So, those with diabetes urinate more frequently.

Blurry Vision

Diabetes can negatively impact eye health, causing bleeding inside the retina. At first, you may not notice any vision problems. But once the macula swells, it can result in macular edema or blurred central vision.

The macula is part of the eye responsible for seeing objects up close, reading, and recognizing faces. Ignoring vision issues is ill-advised as it can lead to irreversible vision loss.

Regular Checkups Are Key

Regular checkups are the best prevention method. Your care provider will run a simple test to measure your blood sugar levels over the last few months.

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