The Aftermath of Daily Multivitamin Intake

Once the body finds it difficult to acquire vitamins from your daily diet, you need to seek out alternatives. Taking vitamin supplements is always the best option. However, the daily intake of multivitamin supplements comes with side effects.

Here are the major side effects of regular multivitamin intake.

Alters Medical Tests

Regular intake of vitamin supplements alters certain medical tests. Multivitamin supplements like Biotin interferes with hormonal tests, especially the thyroid hormone test. Consuming high doses of multivitamins can also interfere with the blood glucose test.

Elevates Your Energy Levels

Taking multivitamin supplements regularly to cure a certain deficiency affects your energy levels. Even though this isn’t guaranteed, most people taking multivitamins daily for over a month feel more energized.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Taking multivitamin supplements daily causes stomach problems based on the level of nutrients possessed by the supplement. When taking supplements in large doses, you’ll likely experience mild side effects such as stomach upset or nausea.

Boosts Your Heart

Given that the heart is the engine of the body, you need to get a means of boosting it. Eating a heart-healthy diet is one way of maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle. Taking multivitamins that can boost heart health plays a significant role in your daily life.

Be Multivitamin Aware

Even though daily intake of multivitamins is a proven way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, always seek clarification from a physician. Follow their instructions and enjoy the benefits of the supplements reviewed in this article.

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