Terrible Ways to Lose Weight

Many people who want to lose weight quickly have tried some questionable methods. Most of these are too good to be true; don’t do what they claim, and can leave you feeling terrible.

Read on to learn about weight loss methods you should avoid.

Diet Pills

Most diet pills have no scientific evidence to support their weight loss promises and can cause horrible side effects. This method to lose weight can affect your body and give you an unhealthy relationship with food, including the food you need for nutrition. Short-term fixes most often have the opposite effect in the long run.

Cleanses and Detoxes

Cleanses and detoxes are sold as a method of ridding your body of harmful toxins. But this can’t be backed by any scientific evidence. It’s healthier to focus on drinking a lot of water and consuming a healthy diet.

Skipping Meals

This is an unhealthy way of trying to lose weight. It restricts your caloric intake, and your body needs that fuel to preserve energy and function properly. When you feel hungry but don’t eat, you’ll most likely consume much more food than you planned later in the day. A better option is to consume regular snacks or light meals throughout your day.


Yes, it’s possible to work out too much! This can affect your weight loss progress instead of improving it. Exercising is vital for weight loss, but you must find a balance. Overdoing it can cause fatigue, injuries, and burnout. Instead, try working out for 30 minutes several days a week.

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