Unknown Facts of Having a Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Obscure Facts

The term “sweet tooth” refers to people who enjoy chocolate, candy, and other sugary foods. While snacking on sweet treats can be unhealthy, practicing moderation can reduce the harmful effects. But there’s more to having a sweet tooth than meets the eye.

Read on to find out more.

The Facts

Having a sweet tooth may be genetic. Many participants in a questionnaire certainly made a good argument for that being the case. Moreover, researchers from the University of Copenhagen believe that there is a 20% chance of inheriting a sweet tooth.

Even though a sweet tooth may be genetic, it’s possible to battle your urges. Self-control and choosing the right snacks are of paramount importance. Replacing sweets with fruit is also a valid option.

Many people believe that sugar-free candy is safe, but that isn’t the case. On the contrary, sugar-free sweets and beverages can seriously damage tooth enamel.

Chocolate is often cited as harmful for the oral system, but that’s also a mistaken belief. Chocolate is actually not as sticky as chewing gum or gummy bears. For that reason, it doesn’t pose as much danger as other treats.

Dark chocolate bars are also an excellent alternative, as they contain less sugar than milk and white chocolate.

Keep Your Teeth Safe

Snacking excessively can be harmful to the teeth. The sugary residue from sweet treats can remain on the surface of your teeth. Bacteria will then feed on this and multiply. Thus, it’s best to eat these foods in moderation and clean your teeth often.

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