Supplements Versus a Healthy Diet

Numerous online articles hail the benefits of consuming vitamins, and many specifically target women. Women have unique nutritional needs, partly because of their menstrual cycle and also when they reach menopause. Essential nutrients are necessary for women to stay healthy during these times.

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Healthy Diet

Experts recommend women get vitamins from eating healthy, nutrient-rich food as opposed to supplements for disease prevention. Vitamins and minerals in food are more easily absorbed by the body, making them far more effective. Adequate intake of vitamins like vitamins A, K, and zinc is associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer.

You also benefit from other nutrients not found in supplements, like antioxidants and flavonoids.

When to Consider Supplements

But let’s best honest. Getting all the vitamins you need from your diet isn’t always realistic.

Women assume multiple roles that don’t often leave them the time to care for their health as they should.

As moms and wives, they’re often responsible for running a household and working too. With all this on their shoulders, taking care of themselves sometimes takes second, third, or even last place.

Get the Right Supplements for You

Supplements can help you get the nutrients that might be lacking in your diet. Essential daily vitamins are folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin K2, and Vitamin D. Remember to talk with a healthcare professional to see what’s right for you. You don’t want to take more than is necessary as some vitamins can be harmful in large amounts.

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