Suffering From Seasonal Allergies? Be Prepared With These Tips

Incessant sneezing is annoying, but allergies can be pretty irritating for our eyes, too. If your eyes are often red, dry, itchy, or watery during allergy season, taking a few steps to alleviate the symptoms can make a big difference. Prepare for days with high pollen count with the following tips.

Keep Pollen Out

The world may be pollen-ridden out there, but your indoor air doesn’t have to be. During allergy season, keep your windows shut, especially when the humidity is high. If you want to open the windows, do so during the afternoon and when the air is dry. You can also install a window screen or purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter to keep your home allergen-free.

Clean Your Eyes

Rinsing your eyes with a gentle saline solution every day is a great habit during allergy season. You should also wipe your eyelashes and eyelids to remove allergens when you get inside and use eye drops for allergies. These eye drops contain antihistamines which will help with itching and other symptoms.

Wear Protection

It’s easy to forget that our eyes are extremely exposed to environmental factors. When you go out, you can protect your eyes from a great deal of irritation just by wearing glasses. Wraparound sunglasses provide the highest protection, but regular ones will be valuable on windy days as well.

Be Prepared

Although we can’t control nature, we can track it. Keep an eye on the pollen count using an app and avoid spending too much time outside during the worst days. Carry your antihistamine eye drops and allergy medication at all times and use them when necessary.

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