Suffering From Anxiety? Try This Herb

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time. Whether you’re worried about an upcoming exam or you’re not sure where your career is heading, that unease is a normal reaction. However, when this temporary feeling becomes a constant state, anxiety can truly compromise one’s quality of life. Amazingly, a small herb may help ease anxiety symptoms and improve your overall mood.

A lemony scent may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you need to relax, but lemon balm will make you think again. This perennial creeping plant belonging to the mint family has been used throughout history, both in the kitchen and in medicine. Recent studies have found this herb to be effective at relieving stress, boosting one’s mood, and improving cognitive function.

Lemon balm and all its varieties contain powerful antioxidants that can make you feel calmer by blocking a neurotransmitter responsible for anxiety. Participants of lemon balm-related studies generally report feeling calmer and performing better at cognitive tasks after inhaling or ingesting this mighty herb.

So, how do you also get to enjoy the benefits? There are many ways to leverage the power of lemon balm:

  • Use lemon balm essential oil for aromatherapy.
  • Make a cup of lemon balm tea using dried leaves.
  • Add this herb to your dishes.
  • Take lemon balm in capsule form.
  • Use tinctures or extracts.

Although further research is necessary to validate the reported anxiety-relieving effects of lemon balm, you have nothing to lose by giving this calming herb a try. Lemon balm is generally safe but be mindful as it can react to certain medications. Side effects are also rare but not excluded, so listen to your body when you take something new.

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