Strokes Are Life-Threatening, So Know the Signs

Strokes are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Approximately 800,000 people each year have a stroke, and 137,000 die from them. From these numbers alone, it’s clear that strokes can be fatal. And, unfortunately, the number of fatalities is increasing each year.

The risk factors associated with strokes are numerous. Let’s examine what they are and their consequences as they relate to this severe health issue.

Risk Factors

Certain health issues and lifestyles contribute to having a stroke. Some major contributors are low physical activity, obesity, high cholesterol, too much alcohol, drug abuse, and so on. Additionally, it can be your family’s medical history that increases your risk of stroke.


Although strokes can be treated if the symptoms are noticed in time, they can still lead to disability or death. Strokes can also cause permanent emotional and physical damage.

Regarding physical damage, consequences of a stroke include difficulty holding onto things, constant fatigue and shortness of breath, swallowing issues, impaired vision, pain, and the inability to perform simple everyday tasks.

As for emotional damage, strokes can leave the patient with feelings of worthlessness, tiredness, and sadness. The person may also find it difficult to concentrate or sleep at night.

Round Up

All in all, strokes are a serious, life-threatening disease affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Risk factors include drinking alcohol, low physical activity, and family history. The consequences can include both physical and emotional damage or even death. Consult your doctor if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms for a professional diagnosis.

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