Stay Away From These Not-So-Healthy Crackers

Crackers seem like a healthy snack to enjoy between meals. However, when you look at their nutritional information, you realize they are not as healthy as they appeared on the market shelf.

List of Ingredients

When choosing a crackers brand, you always need to check the ingredients. It may seem unnecessary when the front of the package advertises all kinds of healthy treats. But looks can be deceiving.

Among the list of unhealthy ingredients you need to look out for, you’ll find trans fats. According to research, they elevate the risk of coronary heart disease and may adversely affect the nervous system.

You may not find “trans fats” in the list of ingredients. However, you may find “partially hydrogenated oil,” which is basically trans fat with the same negative impact on your health.

Some crackers also contain little to no fiber. Adequate fiber consumption is linked to several health benefits and less saturated fat consumption.

Lastly, most crackers contain high levels of sodium. Some healthy cracker brands have chosen to replace sodium chloride with potassium chloride, with studies show does not affect the flavor of the snack.

Unhealthy Choices

Here are some brands to avoid if you try to keep a healthy diet:

Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies

According to the nutritional information, Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies contain saturated fat, sodium, and less than a gram of fiber.

Kellogg’s Club Crackers

These crackers may not contain saturated fats, but they do contain fat and sodium. The small amount of protein paired with no fiber makes this a bad snack choice.

ToastChee Cheddar Sandwich Crackers

The amount of saturated fat (about 3.5 grams), sodium, and sugar these crackers contain makes it one of the worst choices. What’s more, they provide little to no protein and even less fiber.

When choosing the best crackers for a snack, remember to choose alternatives with whole grains such as millet popcorn quinoa, brown rice, corn, and amaranth.

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