Stay Away From a Tree if You Notice This

Trees are among the longest-living lifeforms on Earth, and some species can live for thousands of years. The longest living tree in the U.S., the “bristle cone pine,” can live up to 5,000 years. However, many factors can bring a tree crashing down earlier than its potentially long lifespan, including damage and disease. Experts have found a significant warning sign to indicate a tree could fall at any time.

Read on to find out what to look for.

Tree Disease

Trees are at risk of being infected by a disease. Disease typically affects one of three major tree parts:

  • The foliage
  • Stem
  • Root

Some tree diseases are unsightly, while others are fatal.

Noticeable Signs of Fatal Tree Infection

Trees can survive for quite some time. However, it could be time to worry if you notice mushrooms growing at the tree’s base. This indicates a fungal disease that can decay its wood. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of a fungus, and their presence around the bottom of a tree typically suggests that it’s in a decaying period.

Mushrooms and fungi feed from the tree’s base stealing its essential nutrients and weakening it, which causes the tree to collapse. The speed at which the tree may fall after infection depends on how widespread the decay is. It typically takes three to five years for the fungi to eat enough of the tree and cause it to fall. However, once the fungus is spotted, it’s likely already established inside the tree and has been growing for a while.

Call a Professional if You Notice Tree Mushrooms

If you spot mushrooms as the base of a tree, its internal structure is compromised and could collapse at any minute. If the tree is in your yard, reach out to an arborist who can determine whether it can be treated or needs removal.

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