Slim Down Your Waistline with These 6 Breakfast Habits

If you’re tired of covering up your belly during the summer months, try these six healthy habits for women to help shave off that belly fat.

Never Eat on the Run

While many health gurus promote meal ideas that you can eat on the go, it’s always better to slowly savor your food while sitting down. A study showed that the sitting position could greatly improve your digestion and ultimately lead to better gut health.

Eat Protein-Packed Breakfast

Eggs, avocado, yogurt, and other protein-rich breakfast ingredients are a must for those looking to fit into last year’s jeans.

Improve Your Digestion with Oats

Rich in fiber, oats are an indispensable ingredient in many weight-loss breakfast recipes, like oatmeal, overnight oats, baked oat cookies, oat pancakes, and much more. They may seem dull, but they’re a versatile ingredient and perfect for starting your weight-loss journey.

Wholegrain Is Your Friend

While we all love a good warm pastry straight from the bakery, losing weight is all about eating as little processed food as possible. This is where wholegrain foods come in. Your breakfast can still be delicious if you switch to a slice of wholegrain bread and your favorite natural spread.

Don’t Forget Your Fruit Fiber

Although we’ve already covered fiber, fruit fiber is a different story. For one, fruit is much more rewarding than grains, and it won’t leave you craving sweets and other sugary goods if you consume sugar from its natural source. Secondly, you’ll have all the benefits regular fiber brings and lose weight just as fast.

Eat Like a Bird

Eating like a bird doesn’t actually mean you should eat small portions. On the contrary, starving yourself can lead to feeling weak and result in premature cravings. What it actually means is eating seeds like chia or flaxseeds, which are rich in omega-3 acids and boost your metabolism.

Lose Weight with These 5 Breakfast Habits

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