Reasons Drinking Smoothies Can Cause Weight Gain

Most people replace meals with smoothies to assist them in losing weight. Unfortunately, this can have the opposite effect than intended. It’s important to take note of the ingredients in your smoothies, as some can be unhealthy.

Here are a few reasons why your delicious smoothie is causing weight gain.

No Protein

Protein is vital for lean muscle gain and losing body fat. It also keeps you feeling full for longer. If you include protein in your smoothie, it will ensure you eat less food throughout the day.

No Fiber

Preventing weight gain requires sufficient fiber intake. Most people don’t even think to include some fiber in their smoothie ingredients, and you may not feel full enough without it.

Too Many Sweeteners

If you like things sweet, you’re probably adding some sweeteners to your smoothies. Also, if your smoothie is made from leafy greens and other vegetables, you may need to add something to make it taste better. Adding sweeteners will increase the calorie count. Even natural sweeteners such as honey contain calories that contribute to weight gain.

Lots of High-Calorie Ingredients

As much as drinking smoothies can provide healthy nutrients, if your smoothie has too many calories, it will cause weight gain. Make sure you’re not consuming more calories than you’re burning during the day.

Store Bought Smoothies

You can’t control what’s inside a store-bought smoothie, and most products are loaded with preservatives and sugar, which makes them less healthy than homemade smoothies. These additions also increase the calories and promote weight gain if consumed often.

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