Nutritional Information, Diet Info, and Calories in Cheeseburger

With many fast food brands having multiple versions of cheeseburgers, it’s fairly simple to deduce that cheeseburgers are some of the most popular comfort foods in the country.

Unfortunately, most have no idea how many calories are in a fast food like the cheeseburger. If you aim to live healthily, you may want to indulge on a cheeseburger only occasionally.

Still, it’s possible to incorporate cheeseburgers in your diet and look fantastic! But first, let’s dive in to see how many calories are in a cheeseburger.

How Many Calories in a Cheeseburger?

A typical fast food joint cheeseburger has more than 500 calories, which is roughly a fourth of an adult male’s recommended intake. For a single-patty cheeseburger you’re looking at:

  • Quarter-pound patty – around 230 calories
  • American cheese – 80 calories per slice (Swiss and cheddar are around 110 calories per slice)
  • Buns – 130 calories for a basic wheat bun, 320 calories for a brioche
  • Mayo – 80 calories
  • Ketchup and mustard – 30 calories
  • Vegetables – miniscule 15 calories

All together, a cheeseburger starts from 420 calories without any toppings, and only goes up. McDonald’s cheeseburgers have around 300 calories for the base version.

Are All Cheeseburgers the Same?

You can create healthier cheeseburgers by leaving out the fat-heavy mayo and subbing out some core ingredients. For example, the common brioche, sweet, or potato buns are all calorie-dense. Whole grain hamburger buns contain less calories, and you can swap out the top bun (or both) for a few slices of lettuce.

The lean beef in the cheeseburger is arguably the largest calorie source but also the healthiest one, so homemade cheeseburgers can have a larger patty while remaining relatively good for you.

Finally, use low-calorie condiments and vegetables, or grill up some mushrooms to give the cheeseburger more of a kick and improve your vitamin D intake.

Can I Eat a Cheeseburger on a Diet?

If your diet is particularly strict, an occasional cheeseburger treat can give you the necessary motivation to stick to the plan and make the hard days more manageable.

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