Most Common Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is challenging because patients rarely feel any initial symptoms. Therefore, it is typically only diagnosed at later stages, making survival rates much lower than other cancers.

Main Symptoms

A dull pain in the stomach and the upper back area is commonly associated with pancreatic cancer. This is caused by the tumor pressing on the spine. Pain can intensify when lying down and will usually go away when leaning forward.

Jaundice symptoms may also indicate a more severe condition like pancreatic cancer. Look out for signs like dark urine, yellowing of the skin, and pale and greasy stool. It occurs when the tumor in the pancreas blocks the bile duct.

Significant unintentional weight loss is usually a sign of something wrong in the body, and this type of cancer is closely associated with gastrointestinal problems. When the tumor spreads and presses on the stomach, it causes loss of appetite, vomiting, and indigestion.

Treating Pancreatic Cancer

Treatment will massively depend on three key factors – its type, location, and stage. Factors like your age and overall health are also taken into consideration.

The aim is to remove the tumor and all other cancerous cells completely. There are three main treatments for pancreatic cancer – surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Some advanced forms of cancers may even require a combination of all three.

Several symptoms can indicate the presence of pancreatic cancer, and patients may experience them differently. However, if you notice some of them, seek medical attention immediately.

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