Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

Most diets require drastic changes to how you eat, and they’re hard to stick to, which is why many people tend to rebound. Making small, simple changes to your lifestyle can do the same job and make losing weight more effective, enjoyable, and manageable.

Read on to learn how to lose 10 pounds in a month without dieting.

Walk Every Day

You can reduce stress and burn calories by walking briskly for 30 minutes daily. Also, walking straight after a meal is excellent for weight loss and digestion. Walking for 30 minutes could burn between 100 and 300 calories; walking daily could burn up to 2,000 calories weekly.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

The odd glass of wine with your meal may seem harmless, but those calories can add up. Drinking can also cause you to eat calorie-dense or unhealthy foods. Regular consumption of alcohol makes it harder for you to lose weight, not just because of the calorie count but also due to the stress it puts on your body to remove the alcohol from your system.

Avoid Eating Out

Eating out is a great way to spoil yourself, but you could consume more calories than you intended. Fast foods are linked to abdominal obesity; when you eat out, you never know everything that’s gone into your food. A meal could include a lot of added sugar and oil, significantly increasing calories in comparison to a homemade meal.

Don’t Keep Junk food at Home.

How many of us are tempted to eat the snacks we promised we wouldn’t just because we knew they were close by? Keeping unhealthy snacks out of your home lessens temptations. Instead, load your pantry with healthy snack choices for those cravings or hunger pangs.

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