Look And Feel Great Over 40, Simply by Doing This…

Here’s What You Need to Do to Look and Feel Great if You’re Over 40

Many people think working out is only for young folk. But it’s quite the opposite: the older you are, the more important physical activity is. It significantly boosts your quality of life, reduces your risk of numerous diseases, strengthens your body, and improves your cognitive functions.

We know working out regularly is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tricks for attaining and keeping a lean body.

Read on to learn more about them.

Focus on More Reps When Lifting Weights

Lifting weights burns fat, builds muscle, and strengthens your bones and joints. But you don’t have to aim for the heaviest weights first. Instead, it’s better to do more reps with lighter weights. It doesn’t put as much strain on your central nervous system and provides a shorter recovery time.

Take Up Swimming

Incorporating swimming into your workout routine has many benefits: it tones muscles, burns calories, improves balance, and strengthens your heart and lungs.

Walking and running can put pressure on our bodies. Unlike them, swimming is a zero-impact activity, which means no additional stress on your bones and joints.

Do Yoga

A report published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity highlighted that people who practice yoga are in better shape compared to those who don’t. Moreover, these people have better balance, muscle flexibility, and leg strength.

If you haven’t practiced yoga before, introduce it gradually to your routine. Start with the basic positions, and you’ll notice the progress over time.

Keep Your Body in Great Shape

These small changes can do wonders for your body. Remember that you don’t have to do intense exercises every day to stay in shape. Even walking for 30 minutes or more several times a week will improve your fitness and contribute to your health.

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