Is Lemon Water Actually Good for Your Body?

From TV commercials to online blogs, many doctors, nutritionists, and even influencers strongly recommend drinking a glass of lemon water. Lemon, when it’s consumed on its own, is an excellent source of vitamin C. But does it bring actual health benefits when mixed with water?

Yes, and here are the benefits:

Weight Loss

According to a study from 2018, researchers have confirmed that drinking lemon water before a meal may contribute to faster weight loss. This is better than just pre-loading before a big meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) by drinking lots of water to feel full and reduce your food intake.

Improves Digestion

Generally, lemon and lime juice contain healthy acids, and one of them is citric acid. This particular acid aids digestion, and that’s why you’ll find many doctors recommending starting your day with lemon water, especially if you have problems digesting certain food.

Prevents Kidney Stones

One of the major benefits of starting your day with lemon water is that it prevents you from developing kidney stones. As you may already know, these can be extremely painful. By including lemon water once a day, you can lower your chances of contracting such a condition.

Drink Lemon Water Once a Day

There are some valid reasons why drinking lemon water once a day can improve your overall health. For instance, including this in your daily routine can help you lose unwanted weight, improve your digestion, and prevent painful health issues like kidney stones.

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