Is Everything You See Online Healthy for You?

People used to turn to books or friends to find out about something that interests them. Now it’s easier to look it up online. The same goes for advice on how to stay healthy and in shape. But should you rely on everything you see online?

Sometimes you just don’t feel like working out. But then before you know it summer arrives. So you turn to online tricks to help you get into shape fast. But here are some you things to beware.

Fitness Challenges on Social Media

You’ve probably already seen fitness challenges on social media. They promise to get you in shape in 30 days or less. Every day you’re required to fast and train hard. But this isn’t a smart idea. Your body isn’t used to training and now you’re trying these heavy exercises every day. You should start lightly and then gradually increase.

Detox Juices

There are also those detox juices. Pages on Instagram tell you that you will lose pounds in just a few days. But you can only consume their juices and nothing else. This is another bad idea, as you’re not getting a well-balanced meal. Your body will lack proteins and other nutrients.

Celebrity Work Out Routines

Celebrities often endorse sports brands to share a workout routine. Keep in mind that a lot of things promoted online aren’t being promoted because of genuine reasons.

Being physically active might not be your favorite thing to do, but it’s the only right way. There’s no shortcut to a better body and better health.

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