Improve Your Gut Health for a Glowing Complexion

Over 14 million Americans have rosacea, and those with light hair and fair skin are at a higher risk of developing the condition. The most common symptom is persistent blushing in the center of the face. Sometimes, the discoloration spreads across the neck, forehead, and chest. A recent study has linked digestive issues to rosacea, suggesting good gut health can combat inflammatory skin diseases.

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Rosacea and Spider Veins

Telangiectasias or broken blood vessels are the most persistent rosacea symptom, creating a visible web on the skin. Helicobacter pylori is a gut infection that may trigger acne rosacea, resulting in telangiectasias.

While medical experts have developed many treatment options for broken blood vessels, laser therapy yields the best results. Laser technologies like V-beam laser and pulsed lights are the most effective.

The Gut and Face Bumps

Those with rosacea sometimes develop small acne-like bumps. These puss-filled growths usually cover the nose, chin, and cheeks. Like blushing, the bumps may disappear for a while and return in an aggressive flareup.

Antibiotics and prescription medication are the best treatment for inflammatory lesions. Over-the-counter products only lead to temporary improvement.

If you’re experiencing similar symptoms, consider cutting down on alcohol, spicy foods, dairy, and hot beverages.

Rosacea Can Impact Eye Health

When unaddressed, this skin condition can negatively affect your eyes and eyelids. The symptoms of ocular rosacea include blurry vision, dryness, swollen eyelids, burning, and tearing. In some cases, eye problems precede skin symptoms.

Ocular rosacea is sometimes the result of the body’s failure to digest cathelicidin. This protein protects the skin from infections, but a higher concentration of cathelicidin can lead to rosacea.

Talk to a Professional

If you’ve noticed signs of rosacea, contact your healthcare provider. An expert can determine whether an underlying digestive issue has affected your skin and recommend the optimal treatment plan.

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