If You’re Over 50, These Symptoms Might Indicate a Heart Disease

Seniors are at a higher risk of contracting heart disease than younger individuals. Therefore, if you’re in your 50s, read the symptoms below to know if you may be developing heart disease.

Less Blood Flow in the Limbs

Heart disease may lead to less blood supply in the extremities due to plaque accumulation in the arteries. Consequently, the veins narrow down, forcing blood to move at a higher pressure. This pressure destroys the valves, thus weakening the veins. With time, veins cannot carry blood, which settles in the limbs.

As a result of the blood settling, the patient might experience swelling, discoloration, and muscle cramps in the affected limbs. In some cases, these symptoms may be accompanied by unexplained tiredness. This phenomenon can lead to life-threatening conditions such as clotting and the formation of skin ulcers. So you have to seek treatment immediately.

Chest Pain

Chest pain that’s accompanied by tightness should never be ignored. It is common in older adults and might indicate the development of heart disease.

Confusion and Memory Loss

Many think of confusion as a sign of aging. However, in many cases, it signifies the onset of heart disease because of insufficient blood supply in the brain. This symptom may be accompanied by frequent dizziness and memory loss.

Please note that the symptoms discussed are not comprehensive. You should visit a medical practitioner and further discuss your heart health. After all, these symptoms vary from one person to another, and a doctor can only make a conclusive diagnosis after looking at your specific case.

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