If Your Arm Feels Like This, You Might Be in Danger

Arm pain is common and usually results from injury or stress in the muscle tissues. Unfortunately, it may be a cause for significant concern. Pain in the arm might be a sign of serious illness. Here are some illnesses and conditions to watch out for.


While many COVID-19 patients recover, that’s not the case for everyone. For example, some patients develop prolonged leg or arm pain which negatively impacts their quality of life. If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 and are now experiencing arm or leg pain that doesn’t go away, it’s best to see a doctor so they can determine the underlying cause.


Arm pain might indicate diabetic peripheral neuropathy. This is a condition where nerves are damaged and can result in insufficient blood circulation. The condition can be very painful. In fact, it can cause immense pain when the patient engages in even the simplest tasks.

Blood Clots

Arm pain could be an indicator of a blood clot. Blood clots commonly occur in the legs. However, they can also occur in arms, especially if you undergo neck, arm, or chest surgery.

Lung Cancer

Shoulder pain could also indicate that a patient has lung cancer. When lung cancer advances, it usually spreads to the shoulder blade or the bone in the upper bone. Sometimes, it might even spread to the spine—at a point where the nerves and the shoulder interconnect.

Heart Attacks

Arm pain is a common sign of a heart attack. The pain caused by a heart attack usually radiates to the jaw, arms, neck, and back. It is also very hard to pinpoint where the pain originates.

If you experience any pain in your arm, it’s best to visit your medical provider immediately so they can determine the cause of the problem.

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