If You Experience These Signs, You May Have Weak Bones

As we get older, our bones tend to become weaker. But even considering old age, some people tend to have more fragile bones compared to others. Keep reading to find out if your bones are too weak.

Standing Up Is Challenging

You may have weaker bones if you can’t stand up without the aid of a walking stick or your hands. Therefore, you should consult a doctor to discuss your bone health and devise a plan for your safety. Also, a bone fracture could be likely as well, and you should pay extra attention to your safety.

You Lose More Inches Off Your Height Than Other People

With age, we tend to lose a few inches off our height. Normal people should lose a quarter of an inch from their height at most. However, people with fragile bones will lose as much as three to five inches off their height.

Back Pain

Back pain that doesn’t go away clearly indicates that you have weak bones. Degradation of bones may become so severe that some people may fracture their backbone while picking up something.

Early Menopause

Women with early menopause tend to experience weaker bones due to decreased estrogen levels. Without estrogen, your bones are not replenished at the same rate they were when you were younger, resulting in a bone density deficit.

Tips to Improve the Strength of Your Bones

  • Exercise regularly. However, consult your doctor before you start exercising because you may suffer a fracture if your bones are too weak.
  • Consume food rich in calcium, for example, dairy, kale, and almonds.
  • Avoid substance abuse.
  • Seek treatment from a medical professional.

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