How to Identify Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, around 40,000 new diagnoses occur annually, and the disease claims 2,230 lives on average. Thyroid cancer only shows signs and symptoms in a later stage, making it often go unnoticed.

Although this disease is highly manageable, it’s still crucial to identify its signs and symptoms as soon as possible to prevent it from seriously progressing.

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

When thyroid cancer begins to grow, people with this disease may notice a lump (or nodule) around the neck or throat. The node is firm and steady, and it may enlarge over time.

Other signs often accompany this condition, such as swallowing discomfort that lasts for a long time and changes in voice or hoarseness. A persistent cough or pain in the neck area felt up to the ears are also signs of this cancer type.

Types of Thyroid Cancer

Unlike other cancers, thyroid cancer is not a single type. It has several different forms, such as anaplastic thyroid cancer and small papillary thyroid cancer, each with a unique prognosis.

For instance, anaplastic thyroid cancer is rare and aggressive, and only a few patients will survive for more than a year. On the other hand, most people diagnosed with small papillary thyroid cancer may still be alive five years post-diagnosis.

How to Avoid Thyroid Cancer

Prevention is the key. To lower the risk of thyroid cancer, you should adopt a healthy diet and maintain a stable, ideal weight. Increasing body fat and mass are linked to a higher risk of papillary thyroid cancer.

Radiation exposure, particularly during childhood, is also linked to an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

Consult a Doctor

It’s advisable to speak with a doctor to acquire an accurate diagnosis because many thyroid cancer symptoms can also be signs of other diseases.

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