How to Eat at McDonald’s and Still Lose Weight

Weight loss and McDonald’s may seem at odds, but believe it or not, you can still shed pounds when eating there. Although Mickey D’s menu consists of sugary drinks, fried foods, and high-calorie sauces, you can choose from a few items that will assist you with losing weight.

While you shouldn’t forgo eating healthy completely and feast at McDonald’s every chance you get, you can make healthier choices if this is a favorite indulgence.

Stay Away from Fried Foods

If you’re a fries fan, this probably makes you cringe, but they’re a big culprit behind weight gain. Burger patties have less added fat and calories than fried fish or chicken nuggets. The best lean protein choice is grilled chicken.

East Less Sauce

Most fast food restaurants’ sauces are full of calories and packed with sugar and fat. Choose mustard or a low-sugar sauce at home to enhance a sandwich’s flavor.

East Less Bread

Try eating your burger or sandwich open-faced, and don’t eat the top piece of bread. This lowers calorie and carb intake. Patties aren’t filling, anyway.

Select Sugar-Free Drinks

Milkshakes, coffee drinks, and sodas are full of calories. Opt for diet soda, unsweetened tea, or water to avoid adding more calories to your meal.

Eat Veggies or Fruit

There aren’t any decent veggies or fruit options at McDonald’s. A salad or small fruit cup will add food volume and fiber, keeping you satiated between meals, so you might need to go grocery shopping and put some veg in your fridge.

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