How to Avoid Stress-Triggered Weight Gain

Your body may exhibit a wide range of symptoms resulting from stressful circumstances, from changes in eating habits to sleeping disorders. While the impact of stress on your body manifests in different ways, studies show that it is linked to hormonal changes.

Cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, reacts in tense situations to protect our bodies. Cortisol affects almost every organ, regulating your body’s reaction to stress. It also regulates blood sugar and blood pressure.

High cortisol levels are also linked to increased appetite, resulting in stress-related weight gain. Here you’ll find a list of foods you should consider consuming during stressful circumstances to keep your cortisol levels in check.

Whole Grains

Foods such as quinoa, brown rice, and oats contain a specific fiber known as a prebiotic. Research on the effects of prebiotics on our body has shown that it increases the production of stress-protective bacteria.


While including legumes in your diet can be more challenging than other foods, they are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber. Consuming them can be beneficial to reduce stress responses within your body.


Vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, which is linked to the reduction of appetite and satiety levels. Many vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and eggplant, have very few calories and grams of carbohydrates. This makes them the perfect choice for a snack.


Under stressful situations, you’ll most likely gain weight if you eat foods with added sugar or saturated fats. Fruits such as grapefruit, strawberries, and watermelon are good sources of fiber, and the intake of calories will be relatively low.


Fish is not only a good source of protein, but it also contains omega-3 fats. Specifically, salmon and tuna contain high levels of this nutrient, which research shows aids our bodies in dealing with stressful situations.

Our bodies know exactly what they need to do under most circumstances. However, some of their defense mechanism may lead to undesirable results, as in the case of stress-triggered weight gain. To avoid this from happening, choose among some healthier food alternatives to keep stress in check.

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