How Mushrooms Affect Your Body

While mushrooms are usually good for your health, eating this vegetarian staple has potential drawbacks.

Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits

Improve Blood Glucose Levels

Approximately 10% of Americans have diabetes, a condition that negatively impacts the body’s ability to process food. Lowering blood glucose levels is an effective way of alleviating the symptoms of diabetes or preventing the disease. You can lower blood sugar by cutting down on foods like desserts, or you could eat more oyster mushrooms. They’re full of beta- and alpha-glucans, which are believed to improve insulin sensitivity. Moreover, beta-glucans bolster the immune system by activating cells that slow the spread of tumors.

Help the Body Combat Illnesses

Eating mushrooms can help the body fight illnesses since mushrooms contain nutrients and vitamins that strengthen the immune system.

Not only are fresh mushrooms packed with riboflavin, B vitamins, niacin, selenium, and potassium, but they’re also rich sources of antioxidants. These nutrients increase the concentration of antiviral proteins in the body, promoting a healthy immune system.

Strengthen the Bones

Outdoor-grown mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, a nutrient that promotes bone strength. Mushrooms have a high concentration of ergosterol. Your body uses this compound to create more vitamin D.

The Drawbacks


Although store-bought mushrooms are safe to eat, wild mushrooms may contain psilocybin. As a result, consuming wild mushrooms (sometimes called magic mushrooms) can lead to intense hallucinations. Other dangerous effects include ataxia, vomiting, and nausea.

Possibly Poisonous

Although many types of mushrooms are delicious, some varieties are poisonous. Even experienced mushroom hunters can make mistakes and sometimes consume a poisonous mushroom, leading to adverse side effects.

Stick to the Grocery Store

Store-bought mushrooms undergo testing to ensure they don’t contain toxic substances. If you’re looking for a way to make your meals more flavorful, grab some mushrooms on your next grocery run.

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