How Breathing Affects Your Sex Life

Talking about problems in the bedroom can be awkward, and most men would rather not discuss erectile dysfunction (ED). However, one should take comfort in knowing ED is a common and treatable condition affecting one in three men. ED can be caused by many seemingly isolated factors, including stress, mental health, and your breathing style.

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Effects of Breathing and ED

Blood and oxygen circulate throughout your body as you breathe. Deep breathing improves digestion, increases blood flow, and helps release toxins. It also impacts your blood flow; therefore, how you breathe is related to ED. It was found that poor breathing while awake or asleep affects circulation and can lead to ED.

Mouth Breathing and ED

Experts advise that breathing through your mouth could be the culprit behind ED. A study measuring the relationship between sexual dysfunction and mouth breathing found a positive correlation between ED and mouth breathing. In patients aged 20 to 56, the study concluded that 68% of mouth-breathing patients experienced sexual difficulties such as low libido, premature ejaculation, and ED.

Try Breathing Through Your Nose for Better Sex

When you breathe through your mouth, you’ll also inhale toxins, bacteria, and other particles harmful to your body and likely to aggravate sex problems. However, there are ways to prevent mouth breathing. Consider using a large pillow to prop up your head as you sleep. And practice breathing in and out through your nose throughout the day.

Breathing through your nose plays a critical role in your sex life, as the nitric oxide gas created helps constrict and dilate your blood vessels. Widened blood vessels will deliver blood to your nether regions.

Breathe Through Your Nose for Better Sex

For a rock-solid sex life, breathing through your nose is the way forward. If you’re accustomed to breathing through your mouth, you can re-train your body by practicing nose breathing during the day. You could also consider mouth tape for additional support.

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