Here’s How to Melt Visceral Fat

Visceral body fat is hidden within the abdominal cavity, where it sits close to internal organs like the liver. Due to its remote location, it can negatively impact your physique and degrade your overall health.

This article will cover the importance of visceral fat and the most effective ways to shed extra weight and bolster your health.

What’s Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat accumulates in the upper body area, leading to an apple-shaped appearance with a protruding belly.

Fat cells in the abdominal area have been linked to hormone production. Excess visceral fat takes on the role of a gland, producing substances that disrupt normal body chemistry. For example, abdominal fat releases cytokines, chemicals that lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

What makes visceral body fat dangerous is its proximity to the bloodstream. As it’s burrowed deep within the belly, the fat creates chemicals quickly carried to the liver, affecting blood sugar levels and the body’s insulin response.

However, there are ways to combat this stubborn fat and avoid severe health complications.

How to Lose Visceral Fat

The best method for eliminating visceral body fat is regular physical activity. Generally, it’s best to start with 30 minutes of exercise and slowly work up to 60-minute sessions. Consider introducing strength training into your fitness routine as it activates the muscles and helps them burn fat even on rest days.

Diet also plays a huge part in getting rid of visceral fat. Avoid processed foods and try to incorporate more vegetables, fruits, and grains. These foods contain a lot of complex carbohydrates that satiate hunger and encourage weight loss.

Look and Feel Good

Visceral fat doesn’t only affect your appearance but also impacts proper body functioning. Luckily, you can get in shape and safeguard your health by becoming more physically active and tweaking your diet.

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