Healthy Foods That Can Make You Gassy According to Dietitians

Dietitians recommend certain healthy foods for your body. Even though these foods have been proven to be super healthy, they can make you feel gassy, bloated, and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most foods that make you gassy are good for you.

Let’s look at some of these foods.


Beans are a good source of proteins that your body needs. However, they are some of the gassiest foods you can eat. The reason being, beans contain substances known as oligosaccharides which are complex sugars that can’t be easily broken down by enzymes.


Dairy products such as milk are top on some lists of healthy foods. Cow’s milk, however, can cause digestive problems. Note that milk and ice cream have huge levels of lactose. The body requires lactase to break down lactose during digestion. If you have lactase deficiency, you’ll likely experience diarrhea and stomach cramps if you consume too much milk or ice cream.


Cabbage is another healthy food recommended by dietitians that can have an adverse effect on the digestive tract. It contains high levels of fiber content, which is a double whammy for gas. If you can’t resist cabbage, chew it thoroughly to reduce problems with gas.


Oatmeal always makes a superb breakfast. However, your oatmeal bowl can be a source of uncomfortable gas for the rest of the day. Oats cause gas in the stomach due to the high levels of fiber. The reason being, fiber is a form of carbohydrate that your body can’t digest.

Understanding Foods that Cause You a Rumbling Stomach

Even though dietitians recommend healthy foods, understanding the impact of gas is important. Most foods that are super healthy can cause uncomfortable and embarrassing problems with gas.

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